Employee transport to work with online monitoring,
access control and immediate alerts.

The iTransport® Charter module takes care of all of the management of your business’ personnel transport. The platform helps with services such as route creation, onboard access control, real-time monitoring and tracking of routes and the creation of loading/unloading points, optimizing commuting services for your organization’s employees in a smart and integrated way.


iTransport® is made up of geoprocessing technologies, GPS navigation, monitoring and onboard access control. All of this allows our client to optimally plan, control, audit and maintain his/her transportation services.

  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Fewer stops, making transport faster and increasing user satisfaction
  • Preventative property security with onboard access control
  • Control of fleet and users in real time
  • Guarantee that routes are always updated and optimized
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Integration into HR systems
  • Reduction in Co² emissions.


Automation of HR events

During data integration, the system verifies and automatically processes any alterations related to employees, such as admissions, dismissals, vacations, days off, removals and shift changes.

Routes focused on users

Routes are made based on a tool that allows an exact path to be chosen, always using passengers as a reference.

Evidence of use

When vehicles are monitored by our tracking kit, it is possible to identify irregularities such as the incorrect use of transport, wrong route, etc.

Unit management

A company can manage all units’ operations in an organized way using a single interface.

Monitoring and tracking

Monitor the performance of the routes used by contractors and guarantee that contracts are fulfilled (SLA) with monitoring and tracking resources.

Management of operations and contracts

A company can manage its fleet to fulfill contracts in an organized way using a single interface.

Monitoring, tracking and telemetry

In addition to monitoring fleet performance and contract completion, it is also possible to visualize telemetric information.

Fleet control

By monitoring the fleet, the system is able to precisely determine arrival and exit times and point out inconsistencies.

Management reports

Reports and interactive dashboards to manage operations with the ability to visualize both planned and completed operations.

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