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iTransport® is an integrated platform that manages all of your transportation services, whether they are for people, equipment or cargo, in a simple and dynamic way. iTransport® makes it possible to predict unnecessary trips, reduce total distance travelled, maximize fleet use and reduce spending on fuel, tires, maintenance and emission of pollutants. It doesn’t matter how large your organization or area of business is: we have a smart solution that will make your services more efficient.

We separate our services into three main areas:


iTransport® is made up of geoprocessing technologies, GPS navigation, monitoring and onboard access control. All of this allows our client to optimally plan, control, audit and maintain his/her transportation services. Our applications help drivers, passengers and clients navigate between locations on defined routes, follow vehicles in real-time for bus and taxi boarding, manage car sharing, as well as visualize destinations for the delivery and pick-up of merchandise.


Our software is divided into modules. Each module of the platform was developed for a certain type of demand. However, don’t worry if you have specific needs. It is possible to combine resources and create an alternative that fits your profile, creating an integrated, affordable and efficient solution.


Transportation of employees to work with online monitoring, access control and app for passengers and drivers.


Manage taxi demands, shared cars and the reservation of fleets of your own or contracted vehicles.


Manage vehicles with online monitoring, telemetry, maintenance, fuel control and remote-controlled locking/unlocking.


Utilizing the HaaS model (Hardware as a Service), our platform captures telemetric information in order to provide the technological resources necessary for the customer to integrate their operation into our software modules. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry about aspects such as supply, maintenance, stability, depreciation, substitution and data transmission. We take care of everything for you, offering support so that the system is always functioning perfectly

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We offer a complete consulting service to help you find the ideal solution for your business profile. Which model best fits me? How much can I save with the platform? What are the benefits that I will have in the short, medium and long-term? Our team is prepared to respond to these questions, as well as others, with customized alternatives just for you, all in a fast, detailed and integrated manner.

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