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Get to know HTP Solution S/A, a company

developer of the iTransport® plataform


HTP Solution is a brazilian tecnology company, based in Belo Horizonte, that develops its own software and hardware solutions, wich is focused in smart mobility. Through our own patented technologies, we help several companies to save large amounts of money, reducing its transportation costs. The HTP’s softwares also provide management improvement and favors an increasement of customers service level, resulting in better long term relations for those companies who hire us. We’ve been suporting a plenty of another companies on solving common historical problems regarding transportation, like the lack of control over its own operation. We delivery optimized and innovative solutions for public and private business.


In the year of 2015, we received an investiment from Criatec II, one of the biggest brazilian venture capital fund, that is managed for Bozano Investimentos.


Throughout  HTP’s history, we have received some awards in recognition of the work and innovation that we promote. In 2011 we won the  MPE Brasil Competitividade, witch was a regional award. Later, we disputed the national edition arriving at the finals. In 2012, we were contemplated in the silver band of the Prêmio Regional da Qualidade Minas. In 2014, we won the Prêmio Nacional de Inovação in the business model category.

MPE Brasil Competitividade
Prêmio Regional da Qualidade
Prêmio Nacional de Inovação


During 24 years, we gathered lots of stories to tell. Our main goal has always been to help companies reduce costs, solve problems, improve their management, promote customer and employee satisfaction, and help them grow their businesses. This is a well-summarized chronological line of some important dates within our history.

Year the company was founded
First international project
ITransport platform development

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