Management of vehicles with online monitoring, telemetry, maintenance and fuel control.

The iTransport® Fleets module handles the management of an organization’s vehicles, controlling the use of each one while supplying details related to fueling, kilometers travelled, speed and RPM control, among others.This monitoring is done online, allows remote locking and unlocking and optimizes fleet use, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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iTransport® is made up of geoprocessing technologies, GPS navigation, monitoring and onboard access control. All of this allows our client to optimally plan, control, audit and maintain his/her transportation services.

  • Control over effective use of each vehicle
  • Mapping of gas stations where drivers are authorized to refuel
  • Management of distance travelled, velocity, control of RPM, among others
  • Allows remote locking and unlocking of vehicles



Distance travelled, speed, RPM control and coasting in neutral detector, are some of the resources made available by our telemetry.

Command center for remote locking

It is possible to remotely lock or unlock vehicles from the fleet by using the command panel.

Semi-automatic control of fueling

If  the client does not have a fuel contract, it is possible to map out the gas stations where drivers are authorized to refuel. The system also detects potential refuelings in order to register them in the system.

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