Management of the movement of equipment and heavy machinery,
control over resources and reduction of idleness.

The iTransport® Heavy module manages the logistics of the mobilization and use of machinery and functional equipment for large industries, whether they are primary, for processing or for agribusiness. The platform ensures that machinery is shared efficiently, monitoring aspects such as availability and location in real time.


iTransport® is made up of geoprocessing technologies, GPS navigation, monitoring and onboard access control. All of this allows our client to optimally plan, control, audit and maintain his/her transportation services.

  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Reduced installation and user wait time
  • Platform interoperability
  • Individual control, information updated every trip
  • Assistance in calculating the time necessary to make equipment available


Asset control

Once the mobilization and demobilization times of the equipment are known, it is possible to more effectively manage each piece’s availability.

Management of allocations

Routes are made based on a tool that allows an exact path to be chosen, always using passengers as a reference.

Asset tracking

Tracking equipment, conventional or satellite, can be coupled to machines so that the assets can be located more accurately by the system.

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