Management of demands for taxis, shared cars
and fleet reservations.

The iTransport® Light module predicts and optimizes the transportation of individuals or small groups of passengers for your organization. The platform helps with the  control of demands that are sudden and less predictable, but are strategically fundamental in daily life. Moreover, it also makes resources available for the implementation of car sharing in your organization.


iTransport® is made up of geoprocessing technologies, GPS navigation, monitoring and onboard access control. All of this allows our client to optimally plan, control, audit and maintain his/her transportation services.

  • Integration with the HR system
  • Predictability with scheduling spreadsheet
  • Seat sharing and optimization of resources to minimize return trips without passengers
  • Management of operation from top to bottom
  • Control of employee access to vehicles
  • Optimization of the allocation of demands in order to improve service and reduce costs


Electronic trip registry

The person who solicits the transportation service, or someone chosen by him/her, can reserve a trip for one or more individuals by Intranet or application

Integration between clients and service providers

The system works like a call center, intermediating transport availability for passengers, employees and visitors

Optimization of occupation and idleness

Different people can share the same leg of a trip, optimizing use and reducing vehicle idleness.

Electronic registry of vehicle reservations

The person who solicits the transportation service, or someone chosen by him/her, can reserve a vehicle that is part of the company’s pool by Intranet or application.

Car Sharing

Share vehicles from the fleet, minimizing idleness.

Vehicle starting and use

Only authorized users will have access to the vehicle by means of an id card (badge) or through a smartphone application.

Electronic checklist

No more clipboards and paper in order to register issues with fleet vehicles: photo registry can now be done by means of an application.

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